We’re open! Come and visit for a cup of tea and a chat!

Hello everyone!  How's it going? Today is the most exciting day of my life.  Why?  Because Speak Up is now open for business and  I have to say it's great to be teaching again.  I've missed it so much! I really hope you can come and see the place.  I really feel we can offer

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“Man-to-Man” versus “One-to-One” or “マンツーマン” VS ”一対一”

[dropcap size="300%" textcolor="#34c2bb"]U[/dropcap]nfortunately for an English school like Speak Up, there are times where Japanese English really makes trouble for us.  One of these times is when I have to describe our school.  Here's something I heard a few days ago: [pullquote]Oh, so your school does マンツーマン (man-to-man) lessons?  I really love マンツーマン classes because

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